Remotely download camera footage, compare against telematics data and get a full picture of what happened.

Improve safety, reduce insurance premiums and manage claims effectively

DAF Remote Vision provides you with a window on how safe your drivers are. Metrics such as harsh cornering instances and over-speeding are recorded so you can address repeat offenders. Camera technology gives you the necessary downloadable visual footage when a near miss occurs.

Our technology aids you with the day-to-day management of your fleet from a safety perspective helping you to reduce your accident rate which in turn, brings your insurance premiums down.

DAF Remote Vision helps you deal with the business impact of accidents efficiently and helps get your assets back on the road quickly. Get alerted of when an accident or near miss occurs and because footage is downloadable, there’s no need to wait for the vehicle to return to view it. When combined with the telematics data provided within your system, DAF Telematics gives you everything you need to make swift decisions on liability.


  • Enhance safety levels
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Reduce the cost impact when claims have to be made
  • Quickly establish liability and whether a claim is worth defending
  • Reduce vehicle downtime
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