Your DAF Telematics information is now available and accessible through the DAF Management App.

Take control of your operations, wherever you are…


Management App from DAF Telematics gives you all of your DAF Telematics management information in an easy to use mobile application… wherever you are… so that you can manage your fleet of trucks, your drivers, the sites they visit, and your business.

  • Manage your vehicles: Understanding who has driven what, when it was driven and how it’s been driven enables you to manage your vehicles and analyse fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Manage your drivers: The ability to access driver information including scores and infringements allows you to manage your drivers by exception.
  • Manage sites: Get visibility of activity including arrivals and departures, helping you to build a picture of what happened at visited sites.
  • Manage your business: Analyse trends helping you to make informed decisions to increase the efficiency of your fleet.

Access your information on-the-go on your iOS or android device with DAF Management App from DAF Telematics.


  • Access to key information on-the-go
  • Full visibility of site, vehicle and driver information
  • Enables trend analysis to drive business decisions
  • Available on Android and IOS

Download DAF Telematics Management…

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