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Product Update: AdBlue Levels

Nitrogen Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide emissions from diesel engines are said to contribute to breathing and respiratory problems in vulnerable people. DAF Telematics now displays an AdBlue level as a percentage.

Moment of Impact Captured by DAF Telematics Camera

Cameras can be an invaluable source of information, providing a single version of the truth and quickly identifying who was at fault in order to deliver a timely resolution to any claim. They can be especially useful in cases where a seemingly small bump causes an inordinate amount of damage and liability needs to be […]

DVSA To Begin Roadside Lorry Emissions Checks

Following a report published by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs which looked at ways to reduce nitrogen dioxide levels across the UK, the DVSA has announced that starting in August, roadside checks will include emissions tests.

DAF Telematics now provides NOx Emissions Data in line with FORS requirements

As part of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver Accreditation, transport service providers are required to baseline emissions performance data and actively monitor indicators such as total fuel usage, transport related CO2 and transport related Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particulate Matter. With a growth in the use of diesel fuel, NOx emissions have become […]


Drivers’ Hours Tacho Compliance – Automating the Process…

The very latest DVSA figures released in January 2017 show that in 2015/16 there were 32,909 HGV drivers’ hours checks with 7% resulting in a prohibition order. Compare this with data from 2013 and 2014, and we uncover that the number of prohibitions has fallen from approximately 2,964 in 2013 to just a tad over […]

Fine Lady Bakeries Replaces Incumbent Telematics Supplier

Fine Lady specialises in supplying own label bakery products to the leading supermarkets, wholesalers, as well as supplying bread to the sandwich manufacturing industry. Recent expansion has given them a far greater geographical reach and they now produce in excess of 3 million loaves of bread every week. This expansion has inevitably led to a […]

Product Update: Vehicle Proximity Search

The vehicle proximity search function within the DAF Telematics system, gives you the ability to search whether or not one of your vehicles passed through an area at any given time. It’s particularly useful to resolve disputes allowing you to make a quick decision on whether reported incidents can be discounted… or indeed, whether they […]

Product Update: New User Guide Training Videos

In order to realise the substantial benefits your DAF Telematics system offers, it’s important that staff know how to use it. We’ve made a series of training videos to help you and your staff train, or retrain, in the use of the system. These are accessible through your DAF Telematics knowledge portal. Simply log in […]

DAF Trucks launches DAF Telematics Management Application

As part of its telematics package, DAF Trucks have launched the DAF Telematics Management App which gives managers access to their telematics information on-the-go on their Apple or Android device. Available for download on both Google Play and App Store, the app offers a useful add-on to the DAF Telematics product which is powered by […]

Product Update: Eco-safe drivestyle KPI Weightings

DAF Telematics makes managing your fleet easier. We constantly strive to develop products and introduce new features to help you do just that. The new KPI weightings functionality allows you to focus on the areas that are in line with your current driving style Key Performance Indicators. For example, when first implementing a telematics system, […]