The DAF Telematics solution is a range of standard and optional modules that enable you to maximise the safety and efficiency of your drivers and vehicles in your fleet.

  • Driving Style

    Increase MPG, reduce costs and reduce emissions by identifying areas of improvement in driving style such as idling, harsh acceleration and over-revving.

  • Fleet Utilisation

    Get the most from your assets through real-time visibility, full measurement of usage and dynamic scheduling.

  • Safety

    Focus on safe driving measures like contextual speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering and acceleration, helping to reduce incidents and insurance costs.

  • Reduce Tachograph Admin

    Remove the administrative burden and bottlenecks associated with vehicle and driver card data collection by downloading driver tacho data remotely.

  • Business Intelligence

    Analyse all of your fleet data and view vehicle and driver performance trends to enable better business planning… from your computer or via the convenient mobile app.

  • Driver Communication

    The DriveTab in-cab driver terminal, makes two-way voice and message communication with drivers safer, easier and more cost effective.

DAF Telematics helps minimise environmental impact and costs through improved fuel economy, whilst maximising fleet utilisation and efficiency, and ensuring service levels remain high.

Typical Benefits

  • Take control of your fuel consumption
  • Cut fuel costs and reduce emissions
  • Gain accurate visibility of your fleet
  • Maximise productivity
  • Promote safe driving
  • Improve vehicle security
  • Reduce administration
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