Fox’s Biscuits, the creator of legendary tea-time staples including the Golden Crunch Cream and the Milk Chocolate Viennese, has deployed DAF Telematics to increase the efficiency of its HGV fleet.

From Humble Beginnings

Starting life off as a tiny Victorian bakery in northern England over 160 years ago, Fox’s Biscuits has grown to become one of the UK’s leading biscuit brands. It now has three manufacturing sites in West Yorkshire, Kirkham near Blackpool and Uttoxeter in Staffordshire.

Transporting its indulgent treats to retailers across the country must be quick, efficient and safe. DAF Telematics is helping the fleet to achieve this with a set of tools to improve driving style, fleet safety and fuel economy.

Telematics in use

DAF Telematics has been deployed to 7 vehicles with impressive results in the first 6 months. There has been an improvement of more than 10% on fuel economy,with excessive idling down to just 0.4% of total driving time on average, a rating far greater than most other operators using the system.

The fleet’s kilometres per litre (KPL) performance has improved from around 2.85 using the older vehicles, to an average of 3.5 with the new DAF vehicles and DAF Telematics. Drivers are able to see their performance and get regular reports outlining how they got on against a range of criteria.

What’s Next?

Fox’s Biscuits is looking at ways to possibly introduce fuel incentive bonuses for drivers and is looking at new ways to engage with drivers to further improve safe and economical driver performance.

“DAF Telematics is an excellent tool, which has helped us to improve our performance. Implementing the system has been a massive benefit.”

Andy Laverick, Assistant Distribution Operations Manager at Fox’s Biscuits.


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